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Books I'm Reading

Book of the Week – Left to Tell

If you feel like being brought down to the depths of despair and then up higher than you [...]

Music I'm Loving

CD of the Week – Louis Armstrong

We are love love LOVIN' this jazz CD this week.  I've always known of Louis Armstrong.  But I've never actually listened [...]

Art Artists Blogs I'm Reading

Art/Blog of the Week

Vanessa alerted me to this wonderful website of street art.  The title and subtitle of the blog says it all: "Little [...]

Outings I'm Going On

Outing of the Week- Natural History Museum

I opened the paper and saw that our Museum of Natural History was free today and only today! [...]

Movie of the Week – The Martian Child

"The Martian Child" with John Cusack is a tender story based on a real single man who adopts [...]

Thought of the Week

Grandma’s Party

My grandmother's 90th birthday is this year, so we had a reunion to celebrate.  Her posterity is huge!  [...]


Have a good weekend!

We're having a family reunion to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday this weekend!  See you next week!

Thought of the Week

Thought of the Week

Yesterday, July 24, was Pioneer Day in Utah.  It commemorates the day that the Mormon pioneers first arrived in [...]


Outing of the Week- Head to the Mountains!

I am fortunate to live supersuper close to these gorgeousgorgeous mountains. Our family loves to go up for [...]

Song of the Week – Rhapsody in Blue

If you need a great boost, listen to this jazzy/classical piece written by George Gershwin in 1924.  All of [...]