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Raphael’s School of Athens

I love the order and clarity of this wall fresco, painted by Raphael.  The two central figures are Plato [...]

Beauty Outside


While I am gone, my blog will automatically post 2 entries each day: one of a favorite painting [...]

Art Artists

More Van Gogh

And another fabulous Van Gogh, although this one is much more subdued as compared to yesterday's.  You can [...]


Night Cafe

Don't you just adore the colors in this painting by Vincent Van Gogh?

Books I'm Reading

Book of the Week – Left to Tell

If you feel like being brought down to the depths of despair and then up higher than you [...]

Music I'm Loving

CD of the Week – Louis Armstrong

We are love love LOVIN' this jazz CD this week.  I've always known of Louis Armstrong.  But I've never actually listened [...]

Art Artists Blogs I'm Reading

Art/Blog of the Week

Vanessa alerted me to this wonderful website of street art.  The title and subtitle of the blog says it all: "Little [...]

Outings I'm Going On

Outing of the Week- Natural History Museum

I opened the paper and saw that our Museum of Natural History was free today and only today! [...]

Movie of the Week – The Martian Child

"The Martian Child" with John Cusack is a tender story based on a real single man who adopts [...]

Thought of the Week

Grandma’s Party

My grandmother's 90th birthday is this year, so we had a reunion to celebrate.  Her posterity is huge!  [...]