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8-Minute Memoir motherhood

8-Minute Memoir: Remember When

{Remember to enter to win one of two free facials from Stewart Palmer Salon Spa!} Ann Dee Ellis [...]

8-Minute Memoir Birth story

8-Minute Memoir — Moving Through Pain

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Spa/Salon Giveaway in Provo, UT — Stewart Palmer Salon Spa

Who doesn't love a trip to the spa? And better yet -- who doesn't love a FREE visit [...]


Thank a Kindergarten Teacher

15% OFF Costumes and Halloween merchandise with code SPOOKY15. Select styles. 9/15-9/25. My kindergartner is a fairly easygoing [...]

Taking the Power Back From the Haters

As most writers, I used to hope that one day I could write something that would "go viral." [...]


Protected: Let’s Ask Daddy

Thanks for signing up for my email list! As promised, here's a story that's never been shared on [...]

Birthday traditions

Emma’s 5th Birthday

Every year, our kids dream up fantastical cakes they want to have for their birthdays. Cake decorating makes [...]

Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday to Rex

Two year olds. There is no better year. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For Rex's second birthday, we [...]

Babies Thought of the Week

Just a Small Moment — Not Really

When somebody is going through something difficult, people like to tell them: "It's just a small moment." Or: [...]

Birthday traditions

Happy Birthday, T-Rex!

Our little T-Rex has turned 2! He is all kinds of squishy, cuddly, sweet, funny, silly love. It's [...]