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A Reminder: I Can Make a Difference

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it happen? I [...]

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Parenting Truths: Parenthood Is Rolling Your Eyes… A Lot

The snow finally melted a few weeks ago, and as we surveyed our backyard, we realized children are [...]

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Today, I Wear Red — A Day Without a Woman

Drawing on the momentum of the Women's March, another movement is taking place today, International Women's Day. A Day [...]

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Trump Can Even Cause Writer’s Block?

I don't like disappointing people. You may say that's true for everyone, but you and I both have [...]

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Common Ground — Let’s Find It!

I'm not a Republican. And I'm not a Democrat. In fact, I used to be very against the [...]

8-Minute Memoir Humor

Losing Things — 8-Minute Memoir

This essay is part of an 8-minute memoir challenge hosted by Ann Dee Ellis. Day 11: Losing Things When [...]


Be a Safe Landing — A Parenting Lesson

"What happened to your report?" his mom yelled across the big, open foyer. The boy, who was about [...]

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When Christmas Is Depressing

Last Christmas was depressing and cruel. After a long, hard year, we were out of funds and struggling [...]

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The Life of an Accidental Dance Mom

I didn't set out to be a dance mom. I simply signed up my oldest for tap and [...]

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Learning to Let It Go: The Story of the Dinosaur and the Kitchen Towel

Lately, I've been noticing that my kids don't hear me. It's strange, you see, because I'll be standing [...]