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A Reminder: I Can Make a Difference

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it happen? I [...]

Taking the Power Back From the Haters

As most writers, I used to hope that one day I could write something that would "go viral." [...]

Where Is the Empathy?

When Harambe was killed and the internet exploded with anger, I assumed it was all from ignorant people [...]

Empathy and Tinkerbell

During the year that my baby was sick, I learned an awful lot about empathy. Never before did [...]

Go Back to Your Own Country — Why Don’t Bystanders Help When They Hear Racist Hatred?

  I read a post on Facebook about an Iranian-American woman who was screamed at and spit upon [...]

South Sudan and My Own Insecurities

Salt Lake City is a surprisingly diverse town, and our family likes to spend our weekends at various [...]

Topics I'm Soapboxing

Donate to the Cause

I think one would be hard pressed to find anybody who hasn't been effected by breast cancer in [...]

Topics I'm Soapboxing

Ending Childhood Sex Slavery

This is not just a Utah thing, but the first part of this post is directed to people [...]

Swear Words

The other day, I was stuck behind two slow, elderly ladies taking up the entire aisle in the [...]