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Learning to Let It Go: The Story of the Dinosaur and the Kitchen Towel

Lately, I've been noticing that my kids don't hear me. It's strange, you see, because I'll be standing [...]

motherhood Toddlers

H.A.L.T. and Chill, Dude

Like any good 2-year-old, Rex can be moody. Most of the time, he's an absolute delight, but when [...]


Spoiled? Yeah, but so what?

{The amazing Brili giveaway is almost over! The routines system from Brili has revolutionized our mornings and bedtimes. Don't miss your [...]


Annoying Toddler Behavior I Can’t Get Enough Of

{Have you entered to win the most amazing routines system for your kids? Life-changing! Do it now, and [...]


Puzzling Toddler Pigtail Problems

"Oh no! We're gonna blow away!" I remember saying to 2-year-old Lydia on a particularly windy day. We [...]

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The Third Child and the Bad Habits

The third child. Sigh. While having a third child has been easier in a lot of ways -- [...]


Toddler for President

I know how to fix the political divide in America; the one that threatens to ruin lifelong friendships, [...]

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The Magic of Nursery in the Mormon Church

Mormon church is three hours. You read that right -- THREE hours. I know you won't believe me, [...]

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The giraffe looked at me funny

The quirks of my children are reward for every hard part of parenting. They're also the reason for the [...]


Hippos and polar bears

Do you remember in high school when you thought everyone, everywhere, was watching you and judging you? If [...]