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Thought of the Week

8-Minute Memoir: The Things Left Unfinished

But I've learned something from being forced to leave things unfinished. I've learned that priorities can shift. Tastes can change. The methods of living and occupying and existing can be altered.

Taking the Power Back From the Haters

As most writers, I used to hope that one day I could write something that would "go viral." [...]

Babies Thought of the Week

Just a Small Moment — Not Really

When somebody is going through something difficult, people like to tell them: "It's just a small moment." Or: [...]

Where Is the Empathy?

When Harambe was killed and the internet exploded with anger, I assumed it was all from ignorant people [...]

Go Back to Your Own Country — Why Don’t Bystanders Help When They Hear Racist Hatred?

  I read a post on Facebook about an Iranian-American woman who was screamed at and spit upon [...]

About Me Thought of the Week


Rose passed away two weeks ago. The only reason I knew her was because I was her visiting [...]

Thought of the Week

Germany vs. USA

Things that are different between Germany and America, according to my uber wonderful foreign exchange student. Our refrigerator [...]

How to Make Somebody’s Day

A few weeks ago, a census taker knocked on my door.  I knew she wasn't there for me [...]

Family Thought of the Week

Uncles are Special

This, I mean man, is the reason we went to California last week.  My baby brother (who [...]

Art Thought of the Week

Starts out sad, ends happy

There is a story too horrible to tell. Yet it was told in sickening detail in the newspaper.  I [...]