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In the Middle of the Night

  "Daaaaaaaddy! Daaaaaaddy!" He calls from his crib, the word getting more and more urgent. It's funny. On [...]

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Hilarious 4-Year-Old Conversations Part 2

As I'm sitting down to tell you about the hilarious exchange that took place between two 4-year-olds at [...]

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Siblings as Friends

Emma and Rex. Rex and Emma. I'm convinced they were meant to be a pair -- like matching [...]

Empathy and Tinkerbell

During the year that my baby was sick, I learned an awful lot about empathy. Never before did [...]

Babies Family Preschoolers

Shae Shae and Pokie

My sister in law just posted this picture on her blog. I love it so much. It's my [...]

Two is more fun than one

This morning, Lydia (5) finished breakfast before Emma (almost 2) and went to the living room to play [...]

A little of him, a little of me

On a car ride home, my husband and I were discussing a skill our almost-2-year-old possesses that we [...]

If only Daddy could freeze time…

Nearly-5-year-olds say an awful lot of funny things in one day. In my house each day, I am [...]

motherhood Preschoolers

My little opportunist takes over bedtime

My daughter is the master at prolonging bedtime, and because on most nights I feel like I haven’t [...]

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And up she grows

My oldest daughter is growing up faster than any of us understand. My husband and I are thrown [...]