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Ode to the belly table

I'm so tired. I've had mono before, and I feel like I'm walking around with double the mono [...]


Pregnancy is responsible for this too?

This morning, I felt sympathy for fire-breathing dragons. As little chalky Tum after little chalky Tum made its [...]


Pregnancy cravings, or the end of my life? Feels the same either way

What to Expect tells me that pregnancy cravings are: "The sudden urge for a particular (and particularly unusual) dish." Like [...]

Family Pregnancy

Apparently, I need to have a boy to be happy

If I had a dollar for every time somebody has said to me, "I hope you have a [...]


I sound like a monster, but I’m admitting it anyway — Pregnancy Blues

I can always tell I'm pregnant when I start salivating over fast food billboards. When there is no [...]


Your Belly Sure is Big…and Other Truths Spoken by My Daughter

My 3 year old is very curious about pregnancy and everything involved with harboring cute little parasites inside [...]


Don’t Get on My Nerves

I have decided that the phrase "getting on my nerves" is entirely overused and under appreciated. A while [...]


Baby or Alien? Only Time Will Tell

There were some things I didn't know about pregnancy.  Like how you can get bloody noses.  Every morning. [...]


Babies Can be a lot Like Frogs

I get these funny little emails each week that tell me the size of my developing baby, along [...]