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Be a Safe Landing — A Parenting Lesson


"What happened to your report?" his mom yelled across the big, open foyer. The boy, who was about [...]

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9 — We’ll Get Through It

About six months ago, I heard that 9 is a scary age for parents. I've heard it's full [...]

Where Is the Empathy?

When Harambe was killed and the internet exploded with anger, I assumed it was all from ignorant people [...]


Brili Winner

I'm a little late in announcing, but Angie Harlow won the Brili giveaway I ran last month! I'm confident she'll [...]

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An Amazing Giveaway that Could Change Your Life — Unlimited Lifetime License of Brili

“DOUBLE TIME! RUN” I shouted like a drill sergeant as my 8-year-old slowly plodded up the stairs, almost [...]

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Hilarious 4-Year-Old Conversations Part 2

As I'm sitting down to tell you about the hilarious exchange that took place between two 4-year-olds at [...]

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How to Get More Stuff Done When You’re a Parent

I learned three years ago that when I stop and give my children the attention they need right [...]

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How to Raise the Smartest, Kindest, Skinniest, Most Confident Child EVER

I've been reading parenting articles and books ever since I became pregnant with my first child almost 9 [...]

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Let’s Talk About ADHD

Last month, I shared about my depression -- which was kind of scary to do. But you all were so [...]

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The giraffe looked at me funny

The quirks of my children are reward for every hard part of parenting. They're also the reason for the [...]