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Chicago in February

If you're ever thinking of taking a pleasure trip to Chicago in February, you probably are in need [...]

Kids Outings I'm Going On

Running for the wrong reasons… But still running

I really want our family to be athletic, but neither my husband nor I enjoy spending lots of [...]

My Girl With a Pearl Earring

During my freshman year of college, my roommate introduced me to a website that had hundreds of free [...]

Blood-sucking caterpillars

When we were in Zion National Park recently and while most of our group snacked, Lydia (5) and her cousin [...]

Zion National Park

          {Just so's ya know: I have no idea why there is a gigantic [...]

Vote, vote, vote!

One day, my Kindergarten teacher taught us about crocodiles. The only thing I remember her saying was, "Sometimes [...]

Outings I'm Going On

Disneyland is not for kids

We just returned from our first family trip to Disneyland, and I can confidently state that Disneyland is [...]

Travails During my Travels

I think most people agree that most people in the world are generally nice.  Most people will be [...]

Outings I'm Going On

A Pictureful Post

The second leg of our exhausting weekend trip was spent with my husband's brother and family in St. [...]

Tired, but laughing

I am one tired mama.  My most recent weekend jaunt proves I forgot that this little creature is [...]