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Music I’m Loving

Music I'm Loving

Beautiful piano arrangements by Elizabeth Giuliacci

You need to know a most fabulous woman, Elizabeth Giuliacci.  Elizabeth is hilarious and so full of life. [...]

Artists Music I'm Loving

Erin Nightingale, Pianist Extraordinaire

Could you use something uplifting today?  Well then, I've got just the thing for you. Meet Erin Nightingale, [...]

Music I'm Loving

A Child’s Voice

The songs we have sung to our daughter from her infancy have begun to manifest themselves in various [...]

Music I'm Loving

Music of the Week- New Orleans Jazz

Still on my New Orleans kick! Here's a fun jazz video. Tell me what you think!

Music I'm Loving

Music of the Week- Rachmaninoff

I started this week out by taking care of a sick husband, only to become sick myself a [...]

Music I'm Loving

Music of the Week- Miles Davis

We've been listening to Miles Davis the past few days and, oh, I am in love. His music [...]

Christmas Music I'm Loving

More Christmas Music of the Week – Kurt Bestor

Have you heard of Kurt Bestor? One of my piano students gave me one of his Christmas CDs. [...]

Christmas Music I'm Loving

Music of the Week- A French Christmas Widgets We've been listening to this CD all week. I don't speak French, although I must look [...]

Music I'm Loving

Music with Children

Don't forget to comment on the giveaway here! I think babies and children naturally love music, don't you? [...]

Outing of the Week- A Jazz Concert

A while ago, there was an outdoor jazz concert at this lovely place: When my husband and I [...]