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The Life of an Accidental Dance Mom

I didn't set out to be a dance mom. I simply signed up my oldest for tap and [...]

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Learning to Let It Go: The Story of the Dinosaur and the Kitchen Towel

Lately, I've been noticing that my kids don't hear me. It's strange, you see, because I'll be standing [...]

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9 — We’ll Get Through It

About six months ago, I heard that 9 is a scary age for parents. I've heard it's full [...]

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H.A.L.T. and Chill, Dude

Like any good 2-year-old, Rex can be moody. Most of the time, he's an absolute delight, but when [...]


Croup for the Win — The Mom Reset I Didn’t Know I Needed

It began with a bark. A familiar bark. And we just knew. For some reason, 2-year-old Rex is like [...]

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8-Minute Memoir: Remember When

{Remember to enter to win one of two free facials from Stewart Palmer Salon Spa!} Ann Dee Ellis [...]


What Happened When I Decided to “Enjoy Every Moment” (Sort of)

It was one of the first days on my own with my newborn and 3-year-old. I'm pretty sure [...]

Does Experience Make You a Better Mama?

From the kitchen window, I glanced outside to count the heads of my kids playing in the backyard. [...]


The Word “Instead” — A Motherhood Lesson

I've always been intrigued by the people who choose a word of the year instead of resolutions. I [...]

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How to Get More Stuff Done When You’re a Parent

I learned three years ago that when I stop and give my children the attention they need right [...]