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When Christmas Is Depressing

Last Christmas was depressing and cruel. After a long, hard year, we were out of funds and struggling [...]

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Tooth Fairy Mishaps

I once sang my praises of the tooth fairy, grateful for a mythical creature who could take the [...]

Holidays Marriage

Happy anniversary

  I hear lots of unsolicited downer "facts" about the future. Don't you? "You'll never sleep again," said to [...]

Family Holidays motherhood Traditions

I love the tooth fairy

Whoever came up with the tooth fairy is a genius. Have you ever thought about it? If there was [...]

Family Holidays

Of monkeys, monsters and eyeballs

My 2-year-old refuses to be addressed by her given name. If anybody calls her Emma, or even a [...]

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Back-to-school dinner

I love the idea of family back-to-school dinners and themes. I saw this in two places: on Nie [...]

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Still goin’ on about patriotism

After more than eight years of marriage, we finally went and bought ourselves a good ol' American flag. [...]

A feminist waxes patriotic

I wanted to send Lydia (5) to a summer day camp this year, but that nonsense is expensive! [...]

Babies Holidays

Half birthdays

Emma just had her half-birthday, and in keeping with tradition, we celebrated by serving her half of a [...]


Cheap Father’s Day or Birthday Photo Present Idea

I want to take credit for this Father's Day present photo idea.  But I read about it somewhere, [...]