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8-Minute Memoir Family

8-Minute Memoir: Monopoly Destroys Families

This essay is part of an 8-minute memoir challenge hosted by Ann Dee Ellis. Day 6: Games. Board games. [...]


What Does a Baseball Glove Have to do With Better Parenting?

{Make sure you take a minute to enter the amazing Brili giveaway, and help your children learn responsibility} [...]

Family Mormon

The Family That Plays Games Together… Gets Frustrated Really Fast

Play games as a family, they say. It will be fun, they say. Whoever *THEY* is really needs [...]

Babies Family

Sunday Mornings and Baby Boys

The clock rolls over to 7:00 am, and one by one, they trail into our room and climb [...]

Babies Family Preschoolers

Siblings as Friends

Emma and Rex. Rex and Emma. I'm convinced they were meant to be a pair -- like matching [...]

Family Toddlers

The Third Child and the Bad Habits

The third child. Sigh. While having a third child has been easier in a lot of ways -- [...]


Three Kids Ain’t So Bad

Going from one to two kids seemed absolutely insane to me. Why take something that's working and add [...]

Empathy and Tinkerbell

During the year that my baby was sick, I learned an awful lot about empathy. Never before did [...]

Family Holidays motherhood Traditions

Tooth Fairy Mishaps

I once sang my praises of the tooth fairy, grateful for a mythical creature who could take the [...]

Family Kids motherhood

Just when you think you can handle your babies growing up…

I was surprised to find myself blinking back tears as I drove past the school of my oldest [...]