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Birthday traditions

The Birthday That Was the Icing on the Cake

This essay is part of an 8-minute memoir challenge hosted by Ann Dee Ellis.Day 8: Birthdays------------------------------------------------------Birthdays are a big [...]

Birthday traditions

Emma’s 5th Birthday

Every year, our kids dream up fantastical cakes they want to have for their birthdays. Cake decorating makes [...]

Birthday traditions

Happy Birthday, T-Rex!

Our little T-Rex has turned 2! He is all kinds of squishy, cuddly, sweet, funny, silly love. It's [...]

Birthday Party: Dinner and a Movie

We threw a dinner and a movie birthday party for Lydia's 8th birthday. It was a little... crazy. [...]

Emma’s 4th birthday

Emma turned 4 with much anticipation. This has been the year of recognizing limits of 3-year-old bodies. She [...]

Babies Birthday traditions

Happy Birthday, Fat Boy

Rex turned 1, and we celebrated the milestone of our little fat boy with... what else? Fat Boy [...]

Happy birthday, Rex

  I always think a baby's first birthday should be about the mother. Yeah, I said it. To [...]

Birthday traditions

7-year-old Lydia

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id="" connections="6" width="300" height="550" header="0" locale="en_US"] Ever since Lydia turned 1, we've been taking her picture with her [...]

Birthday traditions

My Emma

         Emma turned 3 a few weeks ago, and we kept with our tradition of taking her picture with [...]

Birthday traditions

Lydia turns 6

Lydia woke up all smiles on her birthday. Before we could go to her room to sing her [...]