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Her first and best love

      This is Dino. He's the love of her young life. When we are out and [...]


Wuv oooo

Like a freshly-licensed 16-year-old relishing the freedom behind the wheel by finding any excuse to drive, my 20-month-old [...]

Babies Marriage

Love without words

Every now and then the baby (who's really a toddler *sob*) won't go to bed at night. Instead [...]


This post will make you think bad words — You’ve been warned

Dinner was interesting tonight. To tell you the truth, every meal has been interesting since our 19-month-old learned [...]

Babies Holidays

Half birthdays

Emma just had her half-birthday, and in keeping with tradition, we celebrated by serving her half of a [...]

Babies motherhood


My 5-year-old has been sick since Monday and there are feet of snow accumulating outside my house. And [...]

Babies Kids

Strangers on a Train

I recently made the stupid decision to travel from California to Utah by train... with two kids... by [...]

Babies Family Traditions

Time to pause and love on my family

My husband and I have been married for nearly eight years now, and we've reached this really fun [...]


Messy, kissy, smiley baby stages

I have to write this post because I don't want to forget this adorable stage of Emma's life [...]

Babies motherhood Preschoolers

And up she grows

My oldest daughter is growing up faster than any of us understand. My husband and I are thrown [...]