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The Quiet Moments of Motherhood

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When babies are small, there is so much physical work to be done. Feeding, changing, dressing, wiping, washing. [...]

Babies Thought of the Week

Just a Small Moment — Not Really

When somebody is going through something difficult, people like to tell them: "It's just a small moment." Or: [...]

Babies Family

Sunday Mornings and Baby Boys

The clock rolls over to 7:00 am, and one by one, they trail into our room and climb [...]

Babies Family Preschoolers

Siblings as Friends

Emma and Rex. Rex and Emma. I'm convinced they were meant to be a pair -- like matching [...]


Tongue tie is real — and it’s serious

Last September, I passed baby Rex's first pediatrician at the airport. I immediately felt sick to my stomach [...]


Grateful for… vomit?

If ever there was a child in danger of being spoiled, it's this one: // I don't know [...]

Babies Mormon Toddlers

The Magic of Nursery in the Mormon Church

Mormon church is three hours. You read that right -- THREE hours. I know you won't believe me, [...]


Shoes are a boy’s best friend

Rex. This boy. He has us all wrapped around his cute, little finger. "Oh, you want to dump [...]

Babies motherhood

What Not to Say to a Mother of… Just Kidding

  Three days before our happy, but failing to thrive, 2-month-old baby was admitted to the hospital.  I [...]


“Adorable” quirks of 1-year-olds

Is there anything more delicious than a 1-year-old? Obviously not. Is there anything more frustrating than a 1-year-old [...]