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Kaiderma and Deter – Two Product Lines Moms Should Know About

kaiderma and deter

You know, sometimes I like to ostrich my life. That is, when faced with uncomfortable truths, I prefer to put my head in the sand. (Did you know ostriches really don’t bury their heads in the sand? They do dig holes for nests, and they put their heads in said holes to turn the eggs several times a day. Mind. Blown. You’re smart and probably already know that, though. But in case you didn’t, well, you can just take that fact and put it in your mind grapes now. You’re welcome.)

Some subjects I prefer to ostrich: politics, global warming, and chemicals in everything. The thing is: ostriching these subjects doesn’t work. At all. Eventually, I have to pull my head out of the sand to face truths that I then have to deal with.

Mom Worry: Chemicals

As a mom, one of the biggest ostrich subjects I face (or don’t face, actually) is that whole chemical issue.

  • Chemicals in my kids’ sunscreen
  • Chemicals in my kids’ bug repellent
  • Chemicals in my kids’ food
  • Chemicals in my makeup
  • Chemicals in my moisturizer
  • Chemicals in my shampoo
  • Chemicals in my kids’ lip balm

It’s easier to just ostrich the whole thing, but eventually I have to actually, you know, think about it all.

Like in the summer, when I’m spraying chemicals all across my kids’ entire bodies in the form of sunscreen, and I’m wondering, “Skin cancer later if I neglect the sunscreen? Or some other health issue if I choose the sunscreen?”

Which is better? And how awful that we even have to make that choice!

Or when I cover my kids in a cloud of insect repellent and I say over and over, “DEET is supposed to be safe, right? DEET is supposed to be safe?”

And then there’s that whole gigantic concern over whether the products we’re using are harming the environment. (Yes)

It’s Hard to Make Safe Decisions

The thing is, you can find a study to support either side, and that’s what makes the whole thing so gosh darn hard for a mom.

Like you, I do my best to keep up on the latest research and recommendations for kids, but it’s contradictory and confusing.

So that’s why I like when I can find a product that just removes the issue for me. A product that is made of natural, but effective, ingredients that are safe for my kids — and that gets the job done.

Enter two product lines: Deter Outdoor Skin Protection and Kaiderma Skin Care. These product lines were formed after their owners spent a lifetime in the outdoors only to both develop skin cancer later in life. When a family friend also contracted Lyme disease, they began to search for safe products to protect themselves and their grandchildren in the outdoors.

But like a lot of us parents, they were unhappy with the trade-offs: adequate protection that came with potentially toxic chemicals.

So they formed a company, Marimer Biomedical, with “the goal to develop products based on natural ingredients which were safe to use on children, were scientifically proven to be effective, were pleasant to use and were biodegradable with minimal environmental impact.”

Sounds good, right?

Now, even though I’m an ostrich, I’m also a skeptic. (A skeptical ostrich? It’s a thing.)

Deter and Kaiderma safe beauty products

Can natural products really be as effective as chemicals? Because if they can, sign me up. That takes one worry off my plate.

So it makes me happy that scientific studies found that these products definitely hold their own. In fact, Deter Insect Repellent, which is DEET-free, has been shown to be effective for 6 whole hours. In comparison, DEET has been shown to be effective for 5.

So, a more-effective product without the chemicals?

Yes, please.

Marimer Biomedical sent me three products to test out, and I loved them all.

Deter Insect Repellentsafe insect repellent

Not only did this keep the skeeters away, it smelled good. Deter Insect Repellent has a nice spearmint scent so you feel fresh even when you’ve been outdoors all day. And it isn’t overly oily, which is a huge bonus. It comes in a spray, rollerball, and towelettes. I prefer the towelettes.

Deter Mineral Reef Sunscreen SPF 30


I was really excited to try this sunscreen because my 3-year-old has eczema that is irritated by several products. The Deter Mineral Reef Sunscreen didn’t exacerbate his eczema, and he didn’t get sunburned — even though we spent long days outside this summer. (We’re good girls and boys, and reapply throughout the day.) Plus, the peace of mind that I was only slathering natural ingredients on his skin wasn’t too bad either.

Kaiderma Facial Toner


I’ve never used facial toner before, but I’m not sure I can go without it now. I used to think toner was bad for your skin — and I think some toner products may be — but this toner makes me feel fresh, moisturized, and clean every day.

From Kaiderma’s website: “While many other toners strip your skin, Kaiderma® Facial Toner is designed to clean and refresh while toning and tightening pores.”

It’s great to use after washing my face because it pulls off any makeup my cleanser missed. And I didn’t know this (but you probably did, because you’re so smart), but facial toner can actually hydrate your skin. The first time I used Kaiderma facial toner, I added my regular moisturizer right after, and then felt like a dummy. It totally wasn’t necessary! The toner left my skin smooth and nourished, all on its own.

I’ve been using it every day for a few weeks, and I daresay, the pores on my nose are shrinking. Plus, it just feels good.

The Kaiderma line also includes lots of other goodies like cleansers, serums, and scrubs.

And I love that this line also uses natural ingredients (and no chemicals). Did you know that the average woman uses 12 products containing 168 chemicals every day? Yikes! Basically, we don’t know what we’re exposing ourselves to. And as someone who prefers to bury my head instead of facing these uncomfortable truths, I appreciate a company that makes the decision easy.

Check out Kaiderma and Deter products.

Marimer Biomedical gave me these products for free in exchange for a review. My review is honest.


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