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Happy Birthday, Fat Boy

Rex turned 1, and we celebrated the milestone of our little fat boy with… what else? Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches.*

Rex, 1st birthday 3

In truth, Homeboy is not fat, but with a year of weight struggles behind us, he looks pretty dang delicious and meaty to us.

Look how pleased he is (and a double chin, to boot!):

Rex, 1st birthday 4

I’ve been instructed by his loving grandmother that this is the last time we are allowed to refer to him as “fat,” lest he develop a complex. She makes a decent point. No more.

Ok, one more:

Rex, 1st birthday 7

We like to follow a fun Japanese tradition for 1st birthdays, even though we have 0% Japanese running through our European blood.

The idea is to place several items that represent different life paths in a row (a pen for a writer, money for wealth, etc.), and direct the 1-year-old to choose one. The choice predicts the child’s future. This website explains it in more detail.

Both of our girls chose the ball when they were 1, indicating they would have an athletic future. We expected Rex to choose the ball as well, because it’s the most fun item on display. But he headed straight for the conductor’s wand.

Rex, 1st birthday 1

While I was disappointed none of my children chose the money (Just WHO is going to take care of us in our old age, now?), I’m pleased as punch to have a future musician.

Rex, 1st birthday 2

1-year-old Rex:

  • Loves music. He will start dancing at the first hint of a melody or a beat. He “talks” in a singsong voice that makes me melt.
  • Refuses to walk, instead giving us a mischievous grin and sitting down firmly on his bum whenever we try to coax a walk we know he’s capable of.
  • Gives enormous bear hugs.
  • Has names for each member of the family.
  • Babbles constantly.
  • Loves to climb, and dives headfirst off couches, steps, etc. On a related note, he is closely supervised.
  • Tells us what a cat, dog, and elephant “say.”
  • Copies. If a sister is beat boxing with her hand over her mouth, he’ll do the same. If someone emphasizes a word, he’ll imitate it. He watches us closely, and tries to do what we do.
  • Gives enormous bear hugs. Did I mention that already?
  • Is worth all the trouble he gave us.

*Fat Boy Ice Cream gave us vouchers for free ice cream sandwiches. They were delicious… the ice cream sandwiches, not the vouchers.

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  • Alicia Williams July 28, 2015, 10:32 pm

    He is so cute!! I love the birthday tradition! Happy birthday Rex!

  • Emily July 29, 2015, 10:57 pm

    I love how much he has grown and that he’s such a fighter! Happy birthday, Rex!