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Christmas dance recital mishaps

‘Twas the night before dance recital
And on the TV
The family watched Home Alone,
As snug as could be.

The real family laughed
When the TV family woke late,
Not realizing they soon
Would share the same fate.

Once the children were nestled
All snug in their beds,
The unwise parents stayed up late
And grew tired in their heads.

The next morning came early;
They missed their wake-up call.
With 20 minutes to get ready,
Everyone scrambled down the hall.

Dad bathed the kids
And packed them some snacks,
While Mom struggled to find clothing
As she searched through the racks.

Dad dressed the baby
While Mom said a prayer
That her uncooperative fingers
Could work a miracle in her daughter’s hair.

Fifteen minutes late,
The family rushed out the door
Where they stood in shock
And watched the snow pour.

Driving carefully fast,
They made the left turn
Where the wheels of a train
Right in their path did churn.

Turning the car around
They went another way,
Arriving at the auditorium
When Rebecca did say,

“Oh my gosh! The tickets!
They’re back on the table!
Can you go back?
Do you think you are able?”

Dad hurried back
While Mom rushed to the stage with her dancer
Both could have used the assistance
Of Comet, Cupid and Prancer.

A few minutes later,
Mom and Dad reunited,
The 5-year-old took to the stage —
All members of the family absolutely delighted.

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