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Happy birthday

My husband is a mama’s boy, and it’s one of my most favorite things about him.  He is tender and sweet to his mom, always concerned with her comfort and happiness.  Lucky for me — it’s a well known truth that mama’s boys are also tender and sweet to their wives.

He turned 30 this weekend, and I made big, exciting plans.  I told him to take off Monday and Tuesday, which immediately led him to believe I was going to jet him away on some fantastic vacation.  But I knew my “present” for him would be 1,000 times more exciting than the weekend in New York or the family trip to Moab he was envisioning.  This is what I love about him: that I could be 100 percent confident that a gift of time with his mama would be the best gift he could receive — that there would be absolutely no disappointment when he discovered we were staying in Salt Lake City for his birthday.

His mom flew in Friday night and stayed with a friend.  Saturday morning, I told Ryan it was time to get his birthday present.  I told him to get in the driver’s seat, programmed the friend’s address into the GPS, and directed him to follow the robotic lady voice commanding his every turn.

The friend lives near a museum, so as we neared, Ryan thought we were going to spend the day at the museum.  Good sport that he is, he acted enthusiastic about that prospect.  As we passed the museum and headed toward a golf course, he decided we would be golfing (even though neither of us know how), but wondered how we would golf with two kids in tow.

When we pulled up to the friend’s house, he recognized where we were, became completely befuddled, and gave up guessing.

As we waited for the door to be answered, his confusion was so thick it could be cut with a knife.  He didn’t even venture to guess why I was pointing a camera in his face.

His mom opened the door…

and it was smiles all around!

We jetted off not to New York City, but to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival…

where we all soaked up the fun of a dad who works long hours to support a family…

where we posed a reluctant child wearing a new sweater knitted by Grandma…

where we stuck myself in a picture so our posterity will know I existed…

and where this little angel took her afternoon nap.

It was no Times Square, but it was the most memorable way for my mama’s boy husband to celebrate 30 years of life.

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