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Here we go… let’s get serious for a second

I’ve been 29 for over a month now, and I haven’t even so much as winked at my list of 30 Awkward and Uncomfortable Things to Do Before Turning 30. I suppose that a list compiled solely of things that would make me feel awkward and uncomfortable might have something to do with my reluctance to get started on filling that list with check marks.

So here I go. I’m going to attempt to complete #26 right here, right now.

#26. Give a copy of a Book of Mormon to somebody.

I’m not sure if this seems like a strange thing to make my list or not, but let me venture at explaining myself. I think I’m fairly adequate at laughing at myself and at the world, but when it comes to serious things — sacred things, even — I balk. I want to change the subject and talk about that time a geyser of water nearly knocked me over at the pool, or the time I was the only person on the bus who fell down when the driver suddenly stopped.

See? I’m already starting to change the subject. This is hard.

The Book of Mormon is sacred to me. I hold it close to my heart. I am more than happy to talk freely about this book and my religion to anyone who asks, but because I fear ridicule or even scorn when discussing something so important to me, I am reluctant to be the person to bring it up.

So if it’s so personal to me, why would I want to tell you about it?

Because it is life-changing. Plainly stated, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, like the Bible. The love of Jesus Christ is evident on every page. A lesson is learned in every chapter. An answer to life’s questions can be found in any verse.

As I read, I find peace and understanding. I feel guidance in my personal life — guidance I know comes from my Heavenly Father. I feel direction and purpose.

The Book of Mormon is an account of the people who lived in the Americas between 600 BC and 400 AD. While it is a fascinating history with intriguing stories, the message of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice is the greatest takeaway from this special book. (One of my favorite stories is the story of the 2,000 young warriors who defended their land and their freedom. Not one of the young men was killed as they went up against real and large armies of grown men. But my favorite part of that story? The young men — boys, really — credited the teachings of their mothers for their bravery. Love that!)

People have given their lives for this book. I have an ancestor, Benjamin Brown, who was beaten nearly to death by a mob because he preached about the Book of Mormon. I suppose if he could endure broken ribs for the truth of this book, I can stand to open myself up to people ribbing me for my beliefs.

“And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, … and they teach all men that they should do good.”
2 Nephi 33:10, The Book of Mormon

If you would like a copy of your own, send me an email with your address, and I’ll ship one to you straightaway.

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