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My “Couch to 5K” is More “Couch” than “5K”

I’ve been doing my jogging regimen for a week now, and much to my dismay, I am not sporting well toned calves, fancy shmancy running shoes OR a cute, bobbing pony tail.

I mean, come on!

This week, I’m repeating the first week’s plan in the Couch to 5K program, if you can believe it (and you should, because why would I lie about such a thing?).  I went out a grand total of TWO times during my first week.  I couldn’t even find time to jog three days.  I blame my mini vacation.  It’s the best excuse I can come up with, even though my cute as a button sister in law ran ten miles the first morning we stayed at her house.

Yesterday, I set out on my jog, feeling good and optimistic.  So good that I decided to sprint a bit to avoid waiting at a light.  I tell ya, I was feeling so good as I jetted across the intersection in front of all of those commuters in their CARS (pshaw!), proud as can be of my new (very misguided) identity as a full fledged runner.

I imagined all the drivers watching my early morning dedication and abilities in amazement and awe.  Not really.  I’m not that delusional.

And then I promptly got a cramp in my side.

Yes, I got a cramp in my side after sprinting across one measly, teeny tiny intersection.

I finished my jog, but I’m pretty sure my pace after that point was slower than my first post-epidural steps when I had my husband on one side and a nurse on the other.

I stayed home today.  Take that, side cramp.

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