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We Had an Ultrasound and It’s a…

I have five brothers.  Four are older and one is six years younger.  When I found out I was pregnant this time and started wondering what this little creature would be, I hoped so bad I wouldn’t have a boy.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my brothers.  I love my nephews.  I love my husband, who is a boy.  I love my dad, my grandpa, my uncles and all the boys in my life.

I just don’t want one yet.

You see, I still want another child after this one.  That means that if I have a boy as my second child, that boy would ultimately be a big brother.

And big brothers are bullies.

But if my third child is a boy, it will be a little brother.

And little brothers are sweeties.

Big brothers push you down the stairs.  They hit, punch, kick and scare you.  They use their large statures and deep voices to terrify your little friends.  They break your brand new headbands and your jump ropes.  They tease you for liking dolls and other “girlie” things.  They don’t let you try “boy” things since you are a girl.  They fart.  A lot.

But little brothers, oh, little brothers.  With little brothers, you can mold them.  You can carry them around and treat them like your very own baby.  And then they love you for it.  They look up to you and let you teach them how to read and how to play your favorite games.  They can get annoying every now and then, but for the most part, a little brother is the perfect little pet to keep by your side.

There is a silver lining in the big brother issue.  Big brothers grow up and leave the house.  They date women and then they start to realize that their little sister is a young woman too.  Then they get sweet.  They take their sister to baseball games and teach her how to bowl.  They get protective and they stand in awe as they watch their baby sister grow up.  Every now and then they tell her nice things.  Sometimes they don’t know quite how to describe how amazed they are by her growing up so they stumble on the words and say “You’re getting so big” over and over until Dad takes them aside and tells them it’s not nice to tell a teenage girl she is “big.”  And then they correct themselves and tell her she is turning into a lovely young woman.

They cry at their little sister’s wedding and they hold her baby with love.  They tell their wives they are so happy to see their little sister so happy as a mother.  They call to check up on her and see if she needs any help.

And then it is all worth it.  Then, the little sister gets over being teased and beat up because she sees that her big, strong brothers are softies and that they love her.

But it would have been better to not go through the being teased and being beat up right?

That is why I am happy I am having a girl as my second child.  (Bet that after all that boy talk, you thought I was having a boy, right?)  If a boy ever does come along in our family, he will be the younger brother, the pet, instead of the older brother, the resident bully until he moves out of the house.

And my little girl gets a sister, something I never had!

Disclaimer: This is all based on my own experiences.  I did not consult scientific data that would support such a claim of older brothers being bullies and little brothers being sweeties.

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