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Happy, Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday.  Birthdays make me sad these days because I have to be the one to make sure I’m having a good time.  My parents and school friends aren’t around to shower me with attention anymore.  Plus, having to work on your birthday (even if you work from home) is just a bummer.  Really.  (I’m really not this much of a diva in real life, only on my birthdays.)

But maybe if I had a better attitude, I could have the best birthday in the world again.  Reading through my old journal, I discovered that my twelfth birthday was really quite amazing.  Here, I’ll share:

Everything went just great.  The secretary asked me to help her.  We had our pictures taken and I was the one who got all the classes to come get their pictures done.  So I wasn’t in class for half the day!  I also finally got in double dutch.  I’ve never been able to do that!

Yep, friends.  I was the secretary’s special helper, I missed half a day of school, and I perfected a jump rope move.  Who could ask for more?

Maybe if I re-write my day to sound more upbeat like I did as a 12 year old, I would realize just how wonderful my day really has been.

Everything has been wonderful.  I had to hurry out of the shower because my daughter was screaming for me!  And then I got to threaten her not once, not twice, but probably a dozen times that we would absolutely NOT be going to Jamba Juice if she didn’t change her attitude right away, all the while silently pleading with her to just change her stinkin’ attitude so I could go get my Razzmatazz fix on my birthday for crying out loud!  And then I stuffed my pregnant face with homemade peanut butter cookies while I avoided my writing deadlines and watched the minutes count down until I would have to begin teaching piano lessons, which I love any other day of the year but today make me want to run away!

Best day ever!

No really, my husband has done a wonderful job- breakfast in bed, homemade peanut butter cookies with hearts stamped in them, flowers on the kitchen table, out to lunch at Cafe Rio and a special evening up his sleeve.  I’m having a fabulous day.  But wouldn’t it be nice to sign out on mommy and work duties for one day?!?

I wish you all a happy day, in my honor!

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