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Ending Childhood Sex Slavery

This is not just a Utah thing, but the first part of this post is directed to people living in and near Utah.  Please, PLEASE don’t stop reading if Utah doesn’t apply to you!  This is important! 

If you live in Utah, have you heard about Candlelight Serenade?  Oh my goodness, if you want to donate to a good cause, go to this concert August 21 (featuring Third Eye Blind, Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessional, Nick Hexum of 311 and more). 

If you can’t go to the concert, think about giving money to the cause.  What’s the cause?  Ending childhood sex slavery in America.  Yeah, it happens here.  It’s horrifying, terrifying and disturbing as all get out.  But if we pay attention, donate money so law enforcement can focus on combating this dark issue, raise awareness or get involved in the cause in any way, shape or form, we can help end this awful, awful thing.

If you want to know more about the organization that is putting on the concert (and you do!), click here.  Child Rescue is a Canadian and United States organization and the United States director lives right here in Utah.  Lindsay Hadley is a mom to two little boys, is only 27, and is working her tail off to make a difference.  Child Rescue has a goal to reduce child trafficking by 90% by 2020.

Lindsay Hadley, who has travelled around the world working in different humanitarian efforts, said that when choosing how to help disadvantaged children, the choice became so clear to her.  “This child wants to go to school.  This one wants to stop being a sexual slave.  What would you do?”

At, you can sign up to donate $3 a week.  Lindsay says that much of what is needed is better resources for law enforcement and with donations, that can happen.  With so many gazillions of causes out there, it’s hard to choose how to help or who to help or if you should help at all.  It can all be so overwhelming. 

 But I urge you (URGE YOU!) to learn about this cause and consider helping however you can, even if it is not in a monetary way.  Simply raising awareness will make a world of difference.  This issue is one that many Americans don’t know enough about.  We MUST know about this in order for it to end.  So tell everyone.  Don’t let anyone ignore that this is happening right here in our own backyard.

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