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I know I said I’d post during this week only if something brilliant happened.

Well, nothing brilliant has happened.  In fact, quite the opposite.  But I feel I must share my mistake with like-minded consumers out there.  I purchased this dollhouse from as a Christmas gift for my daughter.

image here

I received this dollhouse instead.

image here

While the second is a lovely dollhouse, it is not what I ordered and does not cost as much as I already paid.  Having had many positive customer service experiences in my life, I immediately decided I would call to see how they would fix the mistake.

There was no phone number on the invoice.

Strange.  So I went on their website.  No phone number.  I did about ten different google searches and could find no phone number.  I did, however, find several dissatisfied customer reviews for in those google searches.  (If only I had done the google search BEFORE I purchased the dollhouse.)

I found an email address and sent a message.  A real person responded immediately with some clarification questions, and I was sure we were going to have this solved in no time.

It’s now been over 48 hours and I have not heard from again.  I have sent repeated emails requesting that this problem be fixed before Christmas.  None of my emails have been returned since that first one.  I have left my phone number in every single email and have not received a phone call.  I have asked many times for a phone number, and of course, have not been given one.  Seems incredibly shady to me.

So this post is a two part warning.  1. is probably not the best place to purchase toys and 2. Make sure to do your research before you make a purchase- a company with no listed phone number, such as, should not be trusted.  While they did send the dollhouse in good condition and in good time, they are nowhere to be found once a problem arises.

And this post is also a question: How would YOU go about getting either the correct dollhouse from this company or a refund for the difference in price between the two dollhouses?

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