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A while back, I was invited to join the fabulous Sassy Scoops on a trip to review The Wild Grape Bistro in downtown Salt Lake City.  Along with being privileged to sit at the “cool table” and hanging out with some of the funniest ladies in all of Utah (Emily, Vanessa, Quinn, and Evonne), I also enjoyed the beautiful restaurant.  While there, I even expanded my small circle of foods I’m willing to try. 

Those crazy Sassies laid the peer pressure on thick, and Safe-Eater-Me tried mussel and a cheese I didn’t want to get near.  Although, if you read the review here, Vanessa does NOT give me credit for being so brave with those mussels- which is very unfair, considering how ridiculously proud I am of myself for trying a seafood! 

So here I am.  Setting the record straight.  I TRIED MUSSEL.  And it was gross.  But don’t take my word for it.  Go check out the review (and ME) at!

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