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Moms Make Money Blogging

Have you noticed the pink “Moms are Making Money with their Blogs” button over in the middle column?  —>

You should really take a look.  Vanessa Brown, successful blogger and owner of www.inevergrewup.net, has launched a fabulous instructional program to help bloggers actually make money from all the time they spend blogging! 

Self taught through trial and error, she completely understands the process towards making money from blogging, including what NOT to do!  And she shares it all through informative videos and CDs.

How enticing does this sound?  Vanessa makes enough money through blogging that she is able to pay her family’s mortgage each month- plus more.  And all while spending time with her kids-then blogging about it.

If you’ve ever considered using your blog to make money, this is a great place to start. 

I’m so excited to learn from her.  I’ve already gotten great tips, like how to use Twitter to help get traffic to my blog, something I was completely clueless about!

Check her out.  When you sign up, you get a free video.  Click on the pink button that says “Moms are Making Money From Their Blogs” over there on the right!

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