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It is fitting that my first post should be about the book Anne of Green Gables, since that is where my blog title comes from.  At one point in the book, Anne is “thrilled at the mere thought” of some exciting event.  Anybody who has read Anne of Green Gables is familiar with Anne’s eloquent speech and excited-ness over everything surrounding her.  I copied down several phrases from the book because they were just so thriilling: “a humbling reflection,” “amid breathless silence,” “dizzily conscious,” “scope for imagination,” “just dazzled inside.”

When I was a pre-teen, I read Anne of Green Gables, and was quickly taken in by Anne’s romantic view of life.  Everything around her needs to have a beautiful and romantic name, like “Lovers Lane” or the tree she christens “Snow Queen.”  When she plays pretend or writes stories, the games and characters have to have exhilirating lives and tragic ends or they just aren’t complete.  Anne is often overcome by the beauty of some aspect of her world.

As an adult, I see her views and lifestyle are often a bit over-exaggerated.  But I still absolutely love her enthusiasm about life. 

If you have read this book, what do you love most about Anne?

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