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Embarrassing Moments Laugh

Another Bad Haircut — Thank Goodness for Humor

"Are these my shears?" the student hairdresser asked, one hand holding a section of my hair, the other [...]


Get Up and MOVE

I have a new love. A new passion, actually. And I can't go a day without it. Yes, [...]

motherhood Preschoolers

In the Middle of the Night

  "Daaaaaaaddy! Daaaaaaddy!" He calls from his crib, the word getting more and more urgent. It's funny. On [...]

Embarrassing Moments motherhood

Motherhood, Handled Like a Boss

When you become a parent, you get to see what you're really made of. What type of person [...]


Kaiderma and Deter – Two Product Lines Moms Should Know About

You know, sometimes I like to ostrich my life. That is, when faced with uncomfortable truths, I prefer [...]

Just Because Someone Typed It, Doesn’t Make It True

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash Someone called me an a$$ for this post about my daughter's constant [...]

Humor Reviews

Please Don’t Call Child Services

I am so stinking excited to introduce you to your next favorite obsession. You read that right. I [...]

Deep Thoughts How to

What to Do When Inspiration Is Hiding

  Here's the thing about creative writing: When the inspiration ain't there, it ain't there. I struggle with [...]

8-Minute Memoir Humor

8-Minute Memoir: My Most Important Hair Moment

This essay is part of an 8-minute memoir challenge hosted by Ann Dee Ellis. Day 13: Your Most Important [...]

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The Quiet Moments of Motherhood

When babies are small, there is so much physical work to be done. Feeding, changing, dressing, wiping, washing. [...]